The Oakland Justice Coalition is a coalition of organizations and individuals that came together around common goals for the 2016 Oakland elections. Our aim is to build people power and advance radical change through the arena of electoral politics. It is time for us to unite around the causes we all believe in ­ stronger protections for workers and renters, an end to displacement and police violence, a public education system that serves all its students well ­ and act in solidarity together to advance a political agenda that serves the people of Oakland.

We’re building a people’s movement driven by the power of organizations with different goals coming together as one to support each other and build collective strength. We have anchored our 2016 work in three demands, all captured in ballot initiatives proposed by community-led grassroots organizations.

Strengthen rent control and other tenant protections to stabilize rent prices and stop displacement of Black, Brown and poor people from the community they helped to build; as proposed by the Oakland Tenants Union and Citywide Network

Create a police commission with the authority to fire the police chief and conduct independent investigations of incidents of police violence; as proposed by the Coalition for Police Accountability

Establish a $20 minimum wage by 2020 and fair scheduling regulations, and mandate enforcement for both; as proposed by the Oakland Livable Wage Assembly


City Council

District 3:  Noni Session

District 7:  Nehanda Imara

At Large:  Rebecca Kaplan

School Board

District 1:  Don Macleay

District 3:  Kharyshi Wiginton

District 5:  Mike Hutchinson

District 7:  Chris Jackson

Ballot Initiatives

Measure HH: Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax

Measure JJ: Renters Protection Act 2016