Election 2016

The OJC will turn out hundreds of volunteers to canvass disenfranchised communities across Oakland, registering voters and building a people’s campaign for our three demands. We also plan to raise significant funds to hire signature gatherers directly from disenfranchised communities. This community-led signature gathering and campaign apprenticeship program will create good jobs paying $20/hour and provide invaluable campaign experience for workers. We will use this campaign as a laboratory to develop a replicate model for future initiative campaigns, changing the calculus of what is possible to achieve through direct democracy in Oakland and beyond.

The Coalition is currently in the process of interviewing candidates for endorsement, and invites candidates, as well as community members interested in learning more about running for local office to contact us.

2016 Ballot Measures

The three ballot measures supported by the Oakland Justice Coalition include:

From the Coalition for Police Accountability: Measure X, an amendment to the Oakland City Charter that turns the current Citizens' Police Review Board into a Police Commission that has power to approve police policies and discipline officers who are found guilty of misconduct.

From the Oakland Tenants Union: Oakland’s “Renters Upgrade” would expand Oakland’s current “Just Cause for Eviction” law and provide greater ability for the city to enforce existing laws amidst a wave of unfair evictions and widespread harassment as demand for housing in Oakland grows.

From Oakland Livable Wage Assembly: A Minimum Wage/Fair Scheduling ordinance that will raise Oakland’s minimum wage to $14/hr in 2016 and $20/hr by 2020, as well as implement fair scheduling similar to San Francisco’s recent ordinance and mandate enforcement of both.

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